Gurd your loins

I was told to guard my heart today.

I know its easy for people to up and fall in love and that it leads to mistakes so the need to guard is a acceptable saying.

But all I've ever done is sit and guard it.

All I've ever done is make sure people cannot get to it .

So no, i wont sit at my heart and guard it, i wont block feelings that i normally don't let in.

It's okay to let my heart take some hits, if i don't then all i'll ever be is alone and safe with the fact that my heart cannot be hurt but will never be touched.

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hey you

stop scrolling

I just want to remind you how strong you are

and that I care a lot about you

life is a cycle of highs and lows but good times are ahead

so keep your head up 

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Fear, jealousy, that feeling of being misdirected into vague excuses,.... hi, welcome back from your short slumber my beautiful beast , guess its time to fuck up my mind again uh?

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